Great products don’t spring from great designers like Athena from the skull of Zeus; instead, they were usually the result of a lot of trial and error, missteps and blind alleys, and hard work and deep thinking.

You have to explore. You have to prototype. You have to test. You have to see it live. You have to see someone using it. Only then do you get a refined design. No one gets it right the first time.
- Dan Saffer


Good design is aesthetic —
The aesthetic quality of a product is integral to its usefulness because products are used every day and have an effect on people and their well-being. Only well-executed objects can be beautiful.”
—Dieter Rams

Good Design is as little design as possible—
Less, but better – because it concentrates on the essential aspects, and the products are not burdened with non-essentials.
Back to purity, back to simplicity
— Dieter Rams

Designers solve problems. They create objects that people can touch, click, build on, admire, and even fall in love with. Designers fix things that are broken, build things that are new, and create systems for people to use.


Enjoy little things

"No hay nada permanente en este malvado mundo, ni siquiera nuestros problemas."
-Charles Chaplin

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The product designer’s role is to combine art, science, and technology to create new products that other people can use.

Android Design Principles

Design principles:

  • Enchant me
  • Simplify my life
  • Make me amazing

Trigger positive emotions:

  • If it looks the same, it should act the same
  • Only interrupt me if it’s important
  • Let me make it mine

Key principle for writing:

  • Keep it brief
  • It’s not my fault 
  • Sprinkle ancouragement

Principle maximized:

  • Delight me in surprising way
  • Do the heavy lifting for me
  • Get to know me
  • Only show what I need when I need it